There are special places

… in the world that fascinate us when we walk their streets, when we admire their landscapes. They relate their own exotic diversity but are, at the same time, familiar.

Places with a powerful empathy because what they have to offer is a beauty that nourishes our senses. Unique places like the Salento, the furthest southeastern tip of the Italian Peninsula: a place of ancient tales, art, traditions.

A territory submerged in Nature, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Salento, Puglia, Italy:
Our Land.

Salento is a peninsula between two Seas: an ancient land inhabited since very ancient times and spotted with numerous megaliths witnessing man’s prehistoric presence.

A favorable geographic position, a mild climate all year long, abundant underground water and extremely fertile soil (such as the rich red soil) gift all local produce with a unique taste and distinguished nutritional properties.

Inhabited and colonized by the Greeks under the name of Messapia and known today as “the Heel of the Boot”, Salento is today a touristic destination of excellence. Salento is the land of our family, deeply rooted in Casamassella, a small village near Otranto.

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